Claire Cameron

Professor of Social Pedagogy at UCL Institute of Education

Claire Cameron is Professor of Social Pedagogy at UCL Institute of Education, where she has been researching issues of care, social pedagogy, gender, the children’s workforce, looked after children and early childhood education and care since the early 1990s. Currently Deputy Director of the Thomas Coram Research Unit, a specialist social science research unit at UCL IOE and previously a social worker and residential social worker, she has conducted many studies, including cross-national studies, funded by government, European Union and NGOs, of the children’s workforce and the quality of life for children in care. She is particularly interested in workforce issues in residential care, having published, with Pat Petrie and others ‘Working with Children in Care: European Perspectives’ (2006, Open University Press) and run a government funded pilot programme to introduce social pedagogy into residential care in England (2008-2011). She currently leads an impact project to spread social pedagogy into UK children’s and adults’ services (2016-2019). 

Robyn Kemp

Director, Kemp Consultancy, Social Care & Social Pedagogy Consultancy UK

Robyn Kemp is a UK social worker with a UK MA in social pedagogy with a strong interest in and concern for children in care. 

She has worked as an independent consultant and trainer since the 1990s and in the last 10 years or so has focussed her work around developing social pedagogical practice, theory and policy in the UK and Ireland through learning facilitation, campaigning and writing. For her, social pedagogy provides a coherent ethical framework for practice with children and young people and their families, one that helps practitioners to work holistically, sensitively and compassionately with children and young people affected by abuse, neglect and/or trauma. She is a trustee of the Social Pedagogy Professional Association and lives in east London with her two adult children, a cat and a dog.

Compass Child & Family Services Conference

1st July 2019

University of Limerick